Wirral Shotokan Karate Clubs FAQ's

How much is it to join Wirral Shotokan?
£20 per year for your license and £30 per month for training fees

What is the youngest my child can start Karate?
It varies with all children’s and depends upon how mature the child is. We usually state that the minimums starting age is 8 years old,

Shotokan Training with different techniques including Elbow Strikes and Front KicksI am not physically fit, will I still be able to train?
Yes of course. We understand that everyone has varying degrees of fitness and different body types. Our training will certainly improve your fitness and stamina no matter what your current fitness level. We will push you physically, but not so much that you don’t enjoy it !

How long will it take me to get a black belt?
It all depends upon how many nights a week you train, how easily you learn and how much effort you put in. On average, I student training 3-4 times per week could expect to gain their Black belt within 6-8 years.

Is there any sparring involved?
Yes, we carry out light sparring without gloves. No one is hurt during the sparring and no hard strikes are landed to the opponent. We also carry out sparring known as Randori, which involves trying to throw your opponent or sweep him to the ground. Our sparring on the ground includes trying to choke / strangle your opponent or catch him in a submission. Again, there are no malicious people in our club who will deliberately try to hurt you. Everybody is friendly and nobody leaves our dojo injured or upset.